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For too long, rock climbing hasn’t been accessible to underserved communities because most climbing gyms are built in America’s wealthiest zip codes. 

That’s why we’re planting Memphis Rox in Soulsville. This vibrant neighborhood is a tourist destination home to committed residents, but the community isn’t without obstacles. Job opportunities, access to fresh food, and recreational spaces are all lacking. Economic barriers leave kids playing in the streets, and those streets aren’t always safe.

Memphis Rox will serve as a front door to transforming the mind, body, and spirit. As a pay-it-forward climbing gym with no economic barriers, it isn’t just a world-class facility, it’s new model for the world. 

One Family’s 30,000-square-foot gym will feature rock walls up to 45-feet-tall. But we’re not just introducing rock climbing to the youth of Soulsville. We’re introducing the idea behind it — that to scale a wall is no different than overcoming life’s obstacles. 

Memphis Rox will be the first of its kind in the world, offering mentorship to youth from all over the city. The facility will be complete with flex space for yoga classes, guided meditation, fitness equipment, and a juice bar providing hot meals and job training.

Though the gym opens in Spring 2018 — just two years before rock climbing makes its debut at the 2020 Olympics — it’s only phase one of a larger vision encompassing the One Family Campus. Phase two will introduce Mountaintop Media, a film studio and school, serving as an incubator for both experienced filmmakers and those honing their passion. 

Please consider becoming a ground floor donor to Memphis Rox at One Family today. Your contribution won’t just aid our mission. It will change a life. 

If you have any questions about donating, please contact Jon Hawk –

Please click the Donate button or if you are donating with a check please write it out to One Family Memphis and send to 879 E. McLemore Ave, Memphis TN 38106