When you join our gym, you don’t just become a member of Memphis Rox, you become a member of our ever-growing community. Your ongoing support will expose hundreds of the city’s youth to a sport they otherwise might miss out on entirely. That’s the mission of Memphis Rox. We aren’t a climbing gym. We’re a family institution that uses climbing to bring people together, to foster community, and to create a culture of encouragement, empowerment, and accomplishment. 

No one will ever be turned away from Memphis Rox for their inability to pay. Those without the monetary means to climb will still have full access to our facility in exchange for volunteering at our gym, or at a local charity.  At Memphis Rox, we’re reimagining currency.  It’s not just about money, but manpower; a willingness to give what one can, be it one’s time, talent, or simply an encouraging word.

Add an additional sum to your monthly membership, and you’ll aid this ongoing mission.


Membership Benefits

  • Access to an amazing community
  • Access to the facility anytime we are open

  • Discounted classes

  • 10% discount on retail

  • Free rental gear for the first 2 weeks

  • Bring a friend for $8

  • One guest pass per month for a new customer

  • Access to member only events